Company Profile
We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of Roto Moulding machines.
In India our working has been active since last 15 years in this Industry.
We have specialised in Rotational Moulding Machines, Moulds, Aluminium cast moulds & Pulveriser.
We have got full fledge inhouse facility for the specialised Aluminium cast moulds.
We offer complete turnkey projects.
Our services are from CONCEPT to COMPLETION.
Our machines are working efficiently all over India as well as in many countries.

We offer:

Complete range of Roto moulding plants.
Complete tech-know for setting up project.
Highly specialised for manufacturing moulds for water tanks, loft tanks, iceboxes, pallets, planters, light globes, litter bins, toys & material handling containers etc.
Facility for designing & manufacturing custom moulding products & moulds.
Specialised in machined moulds.
Ancillary equipments for Rotomouldings.
Specialised in Aluminium Rotocast moulds & machined moulds.

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